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China Wheel nut indicator

 Wheel Nut Indicator-DCL Series

 DCL Series Wheel Nut Indicators are used when the wheel nut is recessed. DCL Series combines a loose wheel nut Indicator, with a standard dust cap for use on
 wheels with trims. DCL Series indicate loosening of safety critical nuts, also offer the additional benefits that come with a wheel nut cap for protecting the nut from
 weathering, corrosion and general road damage.

 DCL Series Wheel Nut Indicators are widely used in industrial, agricultural, military, mining and commercial vehicle sectors amongst others.

 Available Size: DCL17, DCL19, DCL21, DCL22, DCL24, DCL27, DCL30, DCL32, DCL33 DCL35, DCL36, DCL38, DCL41


Wheel Nut Indicator Long Reach Dust cap Wheel Nut Indicator
Loose Wheel Nut Indicator Dust Cap Wheel Nut Indicator
Wheel Nut Indicator Dustite Wheel Nut Indicator Dustite lr
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