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China Wheel nut indicator

 Wheel Nut Indicator-CL Series

 CL Series Wheel Nut Indciator is a dual purpose loose wheel nut Indicator combined with a nut retaining function. CLSeries attach to adjacent wheel nuts and should
 wheel nuts start to loosen, will indicate so through the visual and clear bending and deformation of the link between the nuts.

 CL Series provide users a clear indication of wheel nut movement whilst also offering an additional level of safety by reducing the severity of wheel nut loosening
 and preventing the wheel nuts from backing away the wheel hub completely.

 Available Size: CL32, CL33, CL38


Wheel Nut Indicator Cl Series Wheel Nut Indicator CheckLink
Wheel Nut Indicator double Link Wheel Nut Indicator checklink
Wheel Nut Indicator double link Wheel Nut Indicator checklink
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